Calander Update

This year I will be attending Matterley Basin for the British Grand prix. If you need my services please contact me by e-mail or direct message.

Again this year I’ll be attending a few MXGP races, because of the covid-19 restrictions it’s for me unsure which races I can and cannot attend. At the moment i’ll be attending these races:

Date Races
27-06-2021 MXGP of Great Britain
18-07-2021 MXGP of Netherlands
01-08-2021 MXGP of Flanders-Belgium
15-08-2021 MXGP of Sweden
03-10-2021 MXGP of Germany

2 races are unsure because of restrictions:

Date Races
25-07-2021 MXGP of Czech Republic?
10-10-2021 MXGP of France?

If you are interested in my photo services for these races, please contact me by e-mail or direct message.

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